Busy Bees, the UK’s leading childcare provider, is celebrating a successful year of fundraising across its nurseries for Meningitis Now.

A grand total of £85,622 was raised by Busy Bees’ 344 UK nurseries, with children, nursery staff and parents getting involved in lots of fun and exciting activities that helped to reach the total.

The amount raised will make a significant contribution to the £3 million a year that Meningitis Now needs to continue its life-saving work, which includes ground-breaking research projects, family support services and community awareness campaigns.

One of the highlights of the fundraising campaign was the Busy Bees Around the World Toddle Waddle. Children and staff from every Busy Bees nursery in the UK and several Busy Bees centresin Singapore, chose National Park Week to walk a combined distance of 24,901 miles, the entire circumference of the earth.

Busy Bees nurseries raises £80k for Meningitis Now​Throughout their journey, children from the nurseries learned about other cultures and the world around them, as they dressed up in flag coloursto represent their favouritecountry and sampled foods from different nations.

Steve Dayman, Executive Founder of Meningitis Now, said:

“We are really grateful for the fantastic efforts of all involved, from the nursery staff to all the busy bees who helped to reach this unbelievable total. Every penny of our funding to help raise awareness and support families affected by meningitis comes from generous donations like these.

The money raised will go towards lifesaving and lifechangingwork, that will equip more people with the knowledge needed to spot signs early and help to find new and enhance existing vaccines and treatments. It will help us towards our overall goal of saving lives. 

Marg Randles, co-founder of Busy Bees Childcare said:

“It’s a fantastic amount raised for a charity that does so much meaningful work to help save and rebuild lives. Meningitis is the disease most feared by parents and can strike children, teenagers and adults of all ages quickly and with little warning. Thousands of people across the UK are affected by viral and bacterial meningitis each year, and with one in ten who contract the disease losing their life and one in three being left with lifelong disabilities as a result, the money raised is so important and will make a real difference to so many people’s lives.”

Busy Bees presented Meningitis Now with a chequewith the sum of £85,622 at an event at Busy Bees flagship nursery in Burntwood.

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