Early years researchers at Ceedalaunched the #AboutEYresearch programmein May 2017, to plug the gap in large-scale, systematic research on sector trends and challenges. The research focuses on private, voluntary and independent (PVI) childcare providers.

Join over 1,700 nurseries and pre-schools and 450 childminders on the About Early Years research panel and help build a sound evidence base on childcare delivery costs.

Over 2,150 settings have joined the panel already and hard facts are coming thick and fast:  

  • For the first time a figure has been put on the scale of recruitment challenges in the sector - a staggering 24,600 vacancies in summer 2017.
  • Sector capacity to deliver 30-hour places has been measured – an estimated 332,400 places of which just 46% are delivered completely free.
  • Early warning signs of threats to quality from the funding squeeze have been flagged, including cuts to training (30% of providers), lowering of ratios (18%), and moves to a lower qualification mix to save labourcosts (13%).

CeedaThe focus of the spring survey is on collecting large-scale independent data on delivery costs. Dr Jo Verrill, managing director at Ceedaexplains:

“The spring survey will provide large-scale, independent, analysis of childcare delivery costs right now - taking account of all the inflationary factors we have seen in recent years such as business rate revaluations, auto-enrolment, the apprenticeship levy and April 2018 rises to minimum and living wage rates. Feedback will also be used to model costs going forward – ensuringpolicy makers stay in touch with changing costs on the ground.

​Settings registered on the panel will be receiving their spring survey invitation this month. This is an important opportunity to share your sensitive data in confidence and with confidence. With two decades of experience in researching the childcare and early years sector, and input from a sector led advisory group, you can trust that our methods are sound.”

The project is backed by leading early years organisations. Nursery World is our media partner, and leading sponsors include the Pre-school Learning Alliance, London Early Years Foundation and Connect childcare, amongstothers.

If you have not yet registered on the panel, please JOIN TODAY, in time to complete the spring survey. It is free to join, free to take part, and we publish free bulletins on the findings to ensure wide impact. As a panel member you enjoy extra analysis, as a thank you for taking part.

Ceeda contact

See recent research findings from the summer 2017 and autumn 2017 survey waves and get in touch if you would like to have a chat about the project before registering. Call 0845 6800631 or email aboutearlyyears@ceeda.co.uk.