The award winning Cubetto Playset now available

November 16, 2016

Cubetto is a Montessori-approved coding toy, designed to help children aged three years and up to write their first programs using a friendly wooden robot, powered by a revolutionary coding language made of tangible blocks, instead of text on screens.

Cubetto represents a significant benchmark in the field of computer programming, as it significantly lowering the age barrier for learning to code by removing a screen based interaction.

The aim of the toy is to control Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot who likes to be told where to go and how to get there, by creating sequences of instructions (programs) using the colourful blocks placed on Cubetto’s “board” or “control panel”: 

Cubetto is in equal parts tech-innovation, educational tool, and a fun open-ended game, simple to set-up and grasp for both children and adults, providing an easy way for parents and children to spend more time together having fun while learning an important skill for the future.

Primo Toys Investor Randi Zuckerberg explains: “What I love most about Cubetto is that it will give girls and boys the opportunity to learn the basic building blocks of coding, without being glued to a computer screen. As a mum, that’s a dream.”cubetto in the field

A game for the young and young at heart. You use the map to set off on a journey. Completing challenge after challenge, navigating Cubetto from A to B by creating programs with the blocks. By planning these mini adventures on the map, children learn more than just coding, they learn to tell stories, to communicate, to think critically and independently.

The “Adventure Pack” provides children with four more additional world maps and matching story books, allowing children to explore deserts, galaxies, oceans and cities.

The limited edition playset is available to buy internationally from for £159. To extend play even further, an Adventure Pack is available to buy for £36, containing four exciting World Maps and story books.


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