Are you ready to do the most important job in London? – 7 Best Things About Working in Childcare

September 13, 2016

Working with young children can a real challenge, keeping nursery staff on their toes every day. 
It can also, of course, be very rewarding.

With 38 award-winning nurseries in London, The London Early Years Foundation, LEYF, believe taking care of children is the most important job there is, and that’s why they want to share the seven best things about working in childcare:
1. Every day is different
Whether you’re reading magical stories, building dens, running around the park or singing songs, a day in childcare will never be your average 9 to 5. In fact, every day is different!
This is not a normal office with desks, printers and water coolers - it’s a make-believe alien planet one day, a pretend supermarket the next day and an imaginary concert hall the next.
2. It’s truly rewarding work
Educating young minds, inspiring ambitions and nurturing talents - there really is nothing like childcare. You’ll get to know each child and their family, watch them grow and make a valuable difference in their lives.
Working in childcare means you’re instrumental in helping children achieve their dreams. What could be more important than that?
3. There’s always laughter and smiles 
Whether it’s all the silly giggles you’ll have during playtime, or the laughter you’ll have with your colleagues, childcare is full of joy and fun. You can’t help but smile when you see the endless enthusiasm and wonder of children!
4. Making real bonds
Supporting children in their precious early years means you’ll make real bonds with both the children and their families, not to mention your colleagues. Every nursery is a family, and we care for each other and rely on each other every day. In fact, we can’t imagine life without our nursery family!
You’ll make lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life, and you’ll never stop learning from those around you.
5. You get to be creative!
From painting to sculpture, mud kitchens to writing poetry and singing songs, early years education is all about creativity. We get to unleash our inner Mozart or Picasso every day!
Helping to nurture and encourage the creativity of children means there’s never a dull moment. You’ll also get really good at doing the voices of storybook characters (we bet your tiger’s roar is amazing)!
6. There’s plenty of room to grow
Whatever your ambitions, the sky’s the limit - a job in childcare will put you on the right road to achieving it.
Our staff training and development programme will help you expand your skills and knowledge - opening up a career path designed to make at least 50% of our staff the next generation of LEYF leaders.
7. There are lots of options
Whether you’re newly qualified or have lots of experience, there are plenty of positions in childcare that will help you make the most of your talents, skills and passions.

LEYF value aspiration and ambition and have vacancies to work in their nurseries across the capital, in a variety of roles, from an Early Years Practitioner to a Nursery Manager – paid above the sector average, each with their own opportunities for career development.
To find current vacancies visit The most important job in London LEYF 

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